Free use of photo images is allowed (license payment is not required)

— for personal purposes;
— for educational purposes;
— in presentations, workshops;
— in the form of design elements for non-commercial and personal sites, electronic and video publications;
— in electronic media
Is it possible to use the images downloaded from the site for commercial purposes?
Examples of the use of images for commercial purposes:
— in banners, books, magazines, catalogues, booklets, posters, and other printed materials;
— in greeting cards, adcards, and other cards;
— on various packages;
— as reproductions on paper, plastic, glass, and other material media;
— as design elements of commercial websites;
— in outdoor advertising;
— in films, videos, TV series, advertisement, and other multimedia products;
— on cups, T-shirts, mats, toys, and other material products;
— as digital reproduction in online advertising, on social media, in mobile advertising, in mobile applications, programmes, electronic cards, electronic publishing;
— for personal non-commercial use (not for resale, download, distribution or any other way of commercial use).
All images downloaded by the User before March 28, 2011 are allowed for commercial use and are not subject to any extra payments. The list of these images is shown in the User profile.
Is it possible to use images in electronic mass media?
Yes it is. All images on photl.com site are allowed and licensed for the use in electronic mass media.
I fail to register :(

If you fail to register or haven’t got the activation letter for your account – check the spam filters of your mail box. If you still can not register on our web page, or you still do not get the activation letter – register a new mail box on google mail engine, as this is the web page that works with our web page more accurately. After creating a new mail box, create a new account, indicating your new e-mail. If you still can not register on photl.com, you may write a letter to our technical support on support@photl.com describing your problem. In this case your account will be activated manually within 24 hours (in this case you will not get the activation letter).

Where from were all these photos taken?
All photo images were made by professional photographers specially for photl.com and are fully owned by this photobank.
Can I edit and change the image?
All the photo images can be retouched, changed, used in full or in parts, in color or otherwise. 
Till what degree can I change the images?
It’s a very sensitive question and requires attention and ethics. For example you can saturate or desaturate the model’s image, or change some defects, or retouch, or change the color, but the main point is not to change the image in discrediting the model way. For example you can not put a skirt on a man, or add to a woman a belly of a pregnant woman, or distort or deform the model’s face and any other parts of the body. All these acts are considered to be forbidden according to the Legal information. Better try to find an image of a pregnant woman or a man in a skirt.