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LicenImages Ltd shall be entitled to immediately cancel all licenses received by you without notification, if you have not performed any provision hereof. In case of cancelling the license, you shall agree to immediately stop using this website and images, delete all images and copies thereof from all media, and eliminate all other copies. You shall use this website and images complying with all applicable laws. LicenImages Ltd shall be entitled to restrict or deny access for you to this website at any time, either restrict or deny using any image due to violation of any provision hereof, and you shall agree to immediately stop using images upon notification from LicenImages Ltd.

Despite our intensive efforts to provide exact information, the website may contain technical and other errors, inaccuracies, and misprints. This website and any image may also include historically and culture-significant images and text, which may be the object reflecting social relations and events of the definite period of time and location. You should know that your search may give the result, the contents of which does not comply with the context.

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This Agreement is executed between LicenImages Ltd, owners of resource, and a company and/or individual, hereinafter referred to as the Client.

1. Licensing
1.1 To become a registered user, each visitor may register by creating a profile on our website. Information added during the registration process (login) shall not be changed later, as all license agreements are attached thereto.
1.2 All photo images downloaded free of charge from have a license for the use of photo images which is exclusive, free, nontransferable, lifelong, reusable by the User in his non-commercial projects with unlimited circulation in all countries.
1.3 All photo images at are available for free download in any resolution (5 images per year).
1.4 Free use of all images is allowed only for private purposes – blogs, presentations, workshops and other non-commercial projects. Free use of images is allowed in electronic mass media.
1.5 Each time when the content is used with noncommercial purpose, you must provide a home page link of""( One image has only one valid link.
1.6 In case of using downloaded images licensed for non-commercial use in commercial activity, the User should pay 0,08-0,22$. within two days after using these images.
1.7 After payment all photo images designated for commercial use shall acquire an extended royalty free license for the use of photo images which is exclusive, free, nontransferable, lifelong, reusable by the User in his non-commercial projects with unlimited circulation in all countries.
1.8 To download more images (license Extended Royalty Free) need to pay for one of the plans.
1.9 After payment plans all photo images shall acquire an extended royalty free license for the use of photo images which is exclusive, free, nontransferable, lifelong, reusable by the User in his non-commercial projects with unlimited circulation in all countries.

1.10 Subscription and purchase.
1.10.1 To download images in all resolutions (ExtendedRoyaltyFree license) it is necessary to replenish the balance by one of the methods. The subscription programme of LicenImages Ltd is a service allowing you to get access to downloading images from during the validity period of your subscription.
1.10.2 If you have purchased the subscription plan, doing so you authorised us to charge from you the subscription fee specified during the purchase. We will automatically renew your subscription, if you do not cancel it at least 3 days prior the subscription renewal. We can terminate your subscription in case you do not have an opportunity to write off the respective fee for renewal. The subscription fee may be changed during the subscription renewal. Current tariffs for subscription and other payments are specified at: plans. You are under obligations for all payments charged before deactivation or termination of your profile. Return of the paid funds shall not be performed even in case if your subscription has been terminated before its validity period expiration.
1.10.3 You shall not transfer your subscription or allow other persons to use it even in case if they are your affiliated persons, colleagues, contractors, or employees.
1.10.4 Unused downloads from the website will be automatically cancelled upon expiration of the validity period or the period within your subscription (a month or year depending on the subscription type), and will not be carried over to the next period. As for the monthly subscription (whereat you have the right to a definite number of downloads from the website during one month or 30 days), we shall carry over the unused number of downloads to the renewed period in case if you have renewed the subscription at the same or higher price. In case of the automatic subscription renewal the unused downloads shall be carried over to the next period automatically within one hour.

1.11 All links on images previously downloaded and permitted for the commercial use are located on the personal page. In your personal profile you can print the report of the downloaded images with short legal information.
1.12 The license is automatically issued only to the person (the User), who directly downloaded the image from this website.

1.13 Examples of prohibited use of photo images:
1.13.1 photo images downloaded from this website must not be sold in image banks or other special places;
1.13.2 materials from this website must not be uploaded to any share sites and other similar resources and compete expressly or by implication with by using the downloaded images, for example it is prohibited to compile a gallery of the images downloaded from this resource and place it on the Internet.
1.13.3 it is prohibited to sell, deliver, transfer this license to any person without a written permission of Licenimages ltd;
1.13.4 it is prohibited to use any images from with the purpose of discrimination, distribution, hatred, humiliation, slander and abuse.
1.13.5 it is prohibited to use the images in obscene, immoral, pornographic, libelous or other manner infringing someone's rights or harming the reputation as well as in the manner uncomplimentary for the person depicted on the image including but not limited to the use of photo images in the advertisement of alcohol, tobacco, contraceptives, dating services, erotic clubs and activities, sexual life or preferences, substance abuse, delinquency, mental or physical illnesses, social problems.
1.13.6 it is prohibited to use or demonstrate images in the manner suggesting that the person on the image is involved in immoral or illegal activities or personally uses or approves a service, business, product or otherwise in a potentially sensitive context which may be regarded offensive for the person depicted on the image.
1.13.7 it is prohibited to use images for commercial purposes free of charge. Commercial use of an image is any profit-seeking activity involving this image.
1.13.8 directly or indirectly create mispresentation that some Visual Materials were created by you or another person, being not the copyright owner of these Visual Materials

1.14 Free use of photo images is allowed (license payment is not required);
— for personal purposes;
— for educational purposes;
— in presentations, workshops;
— in the form of design elements for non-commercial and personal sites, electronic and video publications;
— in electronic media

1.15 Examples of using images for commercial purposes (licensing value is 0,08-0,22$):
— in banners, books, magazines, catalogues, booklets, posters, and other printed materials;
— in greeting cards, adcards, and other cards;
— on various packages;
— as reproductions on paper, plastic, glass, and other material media;
— as design elements of commercial websites;
— in outdoor advertising;
— in films, videos, TV series, advertisement, and other multimedia products;
— on cups, T-shirts, mats, toys, and other material products;
— as digital reproduction in online advertising, on social media, in mobile advertising, in mobile applications, programmes, electronic cards, electronic publishing;
— for personal non-commercial use (not for resale, download, distribution or any other way of commercial use).

1.16 All images may be retouched, modified, used in creating collages and compositions, used entirely or fragmentarily, in colour or monochrome.
1.17 In case of any doubts concerning licensing issues, you shall contact the administration of website.

2. Warranties.
2.1 Photo images, placed in the base of and used by the Customer, do not violate copyright or other rights of intellectual property, rights to confidentiality and publicity. All photo images with the models, present on them, have necessary permits (model – releases). (Freedom of use Warranty)
2.2 All photo images of one series (photo session) are placed only in the base of and nowhere else, neither in free usage nor on offer. (Location reliability Warranty)

3. Liability Limitation.
3.1 This web-site and materials places therein are provided AS THEY ARE, i.e. without warranties or conditions of any kind (except clause 2), both evident and implied. The photobank shall not be responsible for damage of any kind, which may arise from use or unavailability of this web-site, breakings, interruptions or errors in the process of its work, as well as for possible damage to your PC caused by viruses or other destructive programs resulting from your access to the web-site or downloading materials therefrom.
3.2 The creators of, its owners and employees shall not be responsible for damage of any kind, direct, accidental or indirect, including (but not limited to) loss profit, which is possible at downloading and use of materials from this web-site.
3.3 This web-site may contain links to or advertising of other web-sites. These links shall not mean the complete approval of The photobank shall not be responsible and liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused on account of these resources.

4. Confidentiality.
4.1 The photobank shall be entitled to collect, store for unlimited period of time and use the information received in the results of visits and use of the web-site by visitors (Users). This information includes: IP-address of the visitor, e-mail address, cookies, information on photo images downloads, information on use of the advertising links, information on the web-site wherefrom passing to this resource was made. This information is required for formation of Users’ profiles, their individual settings and high-quality operation of The photobank shall undertake to maintain confidentiality of the users’ personal data received in the result of use of this web-site, in accordance with common branch standards.
4.2 If the User does not like to get notifications from, as well as advertising information related to action, events and other features of the web-site operation, he/she has the right to renounce from receiving it by removing a tick in the box of registration form or profile (available after registration).

5.Confirmation of acquaintance and giving consent to the legal information above.
5.1 The present agreement replaces all precedent agreements and arrangements and represents full accord and mutual understanding between the parties hereto in respect of the issue hereof. The User confirms to have read the foregoing LEGAL AGREEMENT, being clear and obvious to him/her, and the Customer fully agrees with it and undertakes to fulfill the requirements specified in the LEGAL AGREEMENT.

Only LEGAL AGREEMENT in English is effective, translations into other languages are only for information.
Downloading any materials from, you thereby confirm to have read, understood and agreed in full with all terms and conditions specified in the present LEGAL AGREEMENT. These terms and conditions represent a legal agreement between you and Licenimages ltd.
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