“I can’t register"

Published on May 01, 2009

Every day we get letters from people who can’t register on the site. If you can’t register, please check the settings of the spam-filters of your mail box (the link of activation is active within 2 hours after registration). If you haven’t got the activation link, try to register once again but entering another e-mail address. If you still cant register, having tried the methods described above, please, write us a letter indicating your e-mail address. We will activate your account manually within 24 hours. In this case you will not get a notification. And you can enter your login and password, indicated during the registration, and download photo images in 24 hours.

1. Ana Pizarro May 31, 2009, 15:43 #

I can not register I hope soon to be part of phot.com

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2. Laura June 02, 2009, 20:54 #

Hi, since I couldn't register muy account I revised this post. But my problem is that the other methods described above don't work neither just because the "Registration" button is deactivated always, so I never will get my link of activation . The only button that actually works is "close". How can I make this successfully? Can you guys help me? Thanks!

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support Alex Hol June 16, 2009, 13:23 #

Please, try to register once again, using for communication other post service. In case of failure, send in technical support the address of your e-mail, we will spend activation manually and we will send you the password and a login for an input.

3. xiaoxiaosun June 18, 2009, 01:15 #

I can register, but I only can download up to 25M,why? BTW, I love your photos, thanks

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support Alex Hol June 19, 2009, 14:13 #

This is a failure on the website, we are working on this problem.

4. support Alex Hol August 12, 2009, 01:11 #

The renovation of the software and hardware of the photl.com servers will be in progress till the 1st of September. Due to these works some failures in the process may occur. For example, you may fail to receive the activation letter and the confirmation of your registration - in this case you will be activated by our team manually within 24 hours. After this you may use your account.

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5. support Alex Hol August 26, 2009, 13:27 #

If you fail to register on our site, or you dont get the activation letter - make a new mail box on google mail service, as this mail agent works with our site more properly. After this create a new account on photl.com indicating this e-mail.

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6. Stock photo agency October 28, 2009, 11:56 #

i cannot also register to phot.com,,hoping soon i would reg. <a href="http://stockphotoagency.org/">Stock photo agency</a>

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support Alex Hol October 30, 2009, 10:17 #

We will activate your profile manually, in this case you will not get the activation letter. you may use photo images according to the legal information.

7. Tatyana December 07, 2009, 16:02 #

Hi! I have just registered! =) But unfortunately I cannot see the download button so I can't download any images!!! =((( I would be thankful to you if you can help!!!!!

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support Alex Hol December 09, 2009, 00:02 #

Hello. Try to use other Internet browser.

8. amers April 01, 2010, 19:11 #

mi cuenta se cambio la contraseña ... ahora no puedo ingresar,,,,,, y me cree otra y no llega mi contraseña

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support Katalina April 05, 2010, 22:35 #

Your new details have been sent to your e-mail address.

9. bab October 31, 2010, 00:06 #

Mon mot de passe hotmail n'est pas reconnu et donc impossible de m'enregistrer

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10. dama rojas December 26, 2013, 23:42 #

I can´t delete my account. Help me

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