API / Affiliate program

We are giving you and opportunity to earn money together with Licenimages.

What to do?
It’s very easy: advise photl.com to you friends and colleagues, talk about our website in social networks, place a special banner or a link at your website or blog. The more people get to know about Photl with your help, the more money you will get.

How much you can earn?
Every partner of the Affiliate program gets 20% of all purchases of his or her referrals.

Minimum amount is 20$. Payment is effected via PayPal or WebMoney.  


We have designed three different banners for you. The only thing you need to do is to copy a code of a desirable banner and paste it at your internet page or blog. That is it! You will become a Licenimages partner automatically and you will be able to get 20% allocations from every purchase.

If you set a search line at your website you become our partner automatically and will get 20% of all purchases of users, which will use this search engine.

You can earn from all the purchases of other users, e-mailing them our special links. You can place and e-mail links to the main page or other pages, for example, to the page with a photo. Just write your friend “Hey, look at the picture!”, add a special variable "?p=ID" to the link, where ID is your personal id number. Moreover after your friend’s payment on the website, you will get 20% of the cost.

The conditions of our Affiliate Program are the best in the field!

Affiliate Program Agreement:

This Agreement is concluded between the owner of the website LicenImages Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Site) and a company and/or a private individual (hereinafter Partner).

1.Duties of the Partner:

1.1. Joining this Agreement, the Partner shall promote the advertising of the Site with the help of legal means only. Any other efforts to promote the Site with the help of spam and illegal or fraudulent methods are perceived as violation and liable to dissolution of the Agreement.
1.2. The Partner’s actions shall not cause any damage to the Site or other websites, or prevent them or their equipment from successful work in any other way.
1.3. The Partner’s website shall not contain immoral, pornographic, abusing or violent content.

2. The Rights of the Partner
2.1. The Partner may recommend the Site only, but not represent it.
2.2. The Partner may leave the Agreement and terminate the Partnership in the Affiliate program any time. Participation in the Program means a complete agreement with all the conditions and terms, placed on the Site.

3. The Duties of Licenimages Ltd.
3.1. Licenimages Ltd is to pay out referral allocations to the Partner according to the amount and terms, placed on the Site.
3.2. Licenimages Ltd is to provide the Partner with advertising banners of the Site and with the code for their placement on the Partner’s website.

4. The Rights of Licenimages Ltd.
4.1. Licenimages Ltd. is entitled to judicial proceedings in case of frauds or other actions of the Partner that violate the Agreement or cause material loss.
4.2. Licenimages Ltd. may amend the conditions of the partnership Agreement any time in full or in part. Any essential changes of the Program will be published on the Site.
4.3. Licenimages Ltd. may approve or reject an opportunity to publish its advertisements on the website of the Partner.
4.4. Licenimages Ltd. may not make payments in case the Partner violates the Agreement.
4.5. Licenimages Ltd. may conclude Partnership agreements with any number of Partners. This Agreement is not exclusive.

5. The Conditions of the Partnership agreement:
5.1. Within seven days after the Site advertisements publishing the Partner receives a notice via e-mail about Licenimages Ltd. approval or rejection of the advertisements placing and participation in the Partnership program.
5.2. The Partner gets 20% of all purchases of a Customer directed by the Partner within the next three years after registration of a customer on the Site.
5.3. Licenimages Ltd. is to save Cookies (Cookies are to be included) and IP of a Customer directed by the Partner during 30 days. If a Customer effects a purchase during this period of time, the system tracks it and the Partner gets income.
5.4. This Program is to be implemented for every new Customer, directed to the Site. A New customer is a Customer that has not been registered at the Site before.
5.5. As soon as the balance of the Partner’s account reaches 20$, the Partner may request to transfer money to his account. The payment can be effected via settlement account, PayPal or Webmoney within two weeks after the request. To exclude any frauds Licenimages Ltd. sets a period of probation of 30 days for the first income transfer.

6. Tax accounts
6.1. The parties agree on each party is responsible for tax payments. Each party counts and pays out taxes in proportion to obtained profit.